Doing taxes

We understand how confusing and complex tax can seem at the best of times and if you are an expatriate, then it can seem inpenetrable. 

Which is why we are offering a free 1/2 hour telephone call tax consultation to discuss your specific tax situation.

We take the burden and stress of preparing your tax return away from your life so that you can focus on your business and family. We care about getting your tax returns right and in time as much as you do. No client takes priority over another and each case is handled with the same level of efficiency, integrity and accuracy.

Our services include the following:



  • Preparation US Federal and State Tax Returns for employees and/or self-employed individuals;
  • Preparation of NR (non-resident) returns reporting only US source income;
  • Preparation of Estimate Tax Calculations;
  • Preparation / review of tax equalization calculations;
  • Dealing with any IRS notices / audits;
  • Preparation of Spouse and/or Children’s tax returns;
  • Assignment cost calculations;
  • Other




  • Preparation of UK Tax returns for employees and/or self-employed individuals;
  • Preparation of NR returns, reporting only rental income and Expenses;
  • Preparation and submission of arrival and departure forms;
  • Preparation of estimated tax calculations;
  • Dealing with any Inland Revenue notices / audits;
  • Help with remittance related issues;
  • Assignment cost calculations;
  • Other
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